Shared agendas: the Rio+20 Conference

I enjoy the street banter in Saigon.  Cyclo drivers can be particularly fun.  They’ll spot you on the pavement, with family entourage in tow, and beckon you over to their rickety mobile contraption.

Jump on board, there’s room for all the family

Seemingly oblivious to your own counter gestures – where you shake your head and point incredulously to your two children, their buggies and the assortment of other luggage that you seem to have accumulated walking down the street – they will be undeterred, remaining all smiles and nods and encouraging hand gestures.

What I love is that you know, one way or another, that the guy would get you all on his cyclo if you gave him half the chance.  He’d make it work, despite the ludicrous sight that would unfold, and aside from the rather precarious health and safety minefield you’d be stepping into in the proceedings. Continue reading


Unseasonal weather…again

A cold snap is due across parts of the UK, days after freakish March heatwaves.  Over here in Saigon we woke up this morning to the aftermath of typhoon Pakhar, which passed through yesterday, several weeks prior to the normal monsoon season, and left many of our local streets looking something like this…

More than the usual pavement obstacles to navigate in Saigon this morning
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