Present times

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Loving the Present.

Monday reality this morning is a sigh of relief after successfully hosting nineteen kids at our house yesterday. Martha turns lucky number 7 in two day’s time, and she’s been planning her party since opening her final Christmas present.

Added to the already high intensity affair that Martha’s birthday parties tend to embody, it’s also a relief to have made it through another weekend keeping up with the slew of leaving parties that Saigon is awash with right now.

With only four weeks until school ends, local removal companies are making hay whilst the sun shines and the humidity grows even thicker.

The clammiest month of the year is also one of the most hectic. End of year dance shows, swim meets and football tournaments loom, but also end of era relationships, with transitioning ex-pats, turn the final page of their particular chapter.

Martha’s party was a hit, though. It was ‘Under the Sea’ themed, which meant that Saturday evening was spent with four willing volunteers sat on our sofas, drinking gin, tuning in to Harry and Meghan’s nuptials, and cutting out a variety of yellow, blue and green aquatic characters.      Continue reading


Welcome back

ImageMonday.  Day 3 of being 38 years old, and it’s good to be back on saigonsays after a brief leave of absence.

By popular demand (from both readers) I am endeavouring to spruce up this site with thoughts, images, and anecdotes from the quirky old city of Saigon.

For anyone with real sleeping issues, I started up a more ‘thinky’ blog site in January – – which has got off to a slow start, but now that I have recovered from the sobering occasion of being 38 (or, “nearly 40,” as my brother likes to describe it) I’ll step the pace up a bit and actually write something more, well, thinky.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, warm (that’d be around 39 degrees today) greetings from Vietnam and lots of cheeky hellos from Team Flo and Martha.  More soon…