Happy Daddy

Florence's Father's Day card
Florence’s Father’s Day card

For the past three years I have been overseas during my daughter’s school Father’s Day Celebrations. This year had to see the record set straight, and so I put in a special request for the school to host their 2014 “Daddy’s Day Breakfast” today, as I am flying to Amman tonight for the rest of the week.

The children sang all of us Dads a special song, served up croissants and boiled eggs, and then Florence and Martha even made me a coffee between them (with Martha on mixing duty, and Flo doing the more precarious carrying work). All of this on the back of another fun-filled weekend of parties, dancing in monsoon rain, ten-pin bowling competitions, and watching 28 performances at the annual Dance Centre Show.

Leaving to spend the rest of the week in Jordan will no doubt produce some new thoughts to populate the pages of this blog, however after spending quality time at home it doesn’t get any easier hauling myself 1,000 of miles around the region, and having to stage a not-too-dramatic goodbye to the girls.

That said, this morning was the perfect send off.

I was crowned a mini VIP for half an hour, wearing the brightly coloured hats the girls had made for me, and touched by the two wonderful cards they’d prepared the week before (above and below).

Martha's Father's Day card
Martha’s Father’s Day card

And if the wise words on Martha’s card above weren’t thought-provoking enough, I feel today is my day to challenge the most enthusiastic team of Poet Laureates to stir up something more magical and endearing than the poem which I found inside Flo’s card:

Daddy, you are
as smart as Ironman
as fast as Superman
as brave as Batman,
you are my
favourite Superhero

I’ll not stop smiling all week now.

Daddy's Day Selfie
Daddy’s Day Selfie

4 thoughts on “Happy Daddy

  1. Joopenelly and elly. De groot June 10, 2014 / 2:15 am

    Hi Tim.
    what a lovely words from your girlsand their teachers.
    we hope you have a good week in Amman.
    come home savely again.
    love from us Elly and Joop.
    Xx xx

    • saigonsays June 10, 2014 / 12:45 pm

      Thanks Elly! Just having more coffee at Doha airport. Joop would love it here…lots of stylish cars on display!
      Tim x

  2. Eranga June 19, 2014 / 4:25 pm

    Hi Tim,

    Was nice reading about your blog post. Nothing to beat coming home to your kids. Hope you have a good trip to Amman.

    Would be good to catch up if you come back to Sri Lanka for a Holiday.

    Take Care.
    Eranga Amunugama

    • saigonsays June 27, 2014 / 6:32 am

      Thanks Eranga!

      Hope all well with you. Am on my way home from Kathmandu, where I spent time with Ashika. Should be in Colombo at the end of August…

      All the best


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