Catching a breath in February

Happy New Year!

2016, and Saigonsays trundles on…

This weekend will mark five years since arriving in Saigon, when these pages first kept track of life and work out here and across Asia. Some defining moments within that particular half decade have been and gone, and the familiar confines of my apartment continue to provide a reliable anchor from which it becomes, then, and with a healthy dose of catharsis, a comfort and a pleasure to spin out these words and images.

Two months back, Boxing Day, and Issy and I were headed down to the coast after a tremendous Christmas Day hosting a cheery hoarde of festive revelers. A month ago I was off in Abu Dhabi meeting up with my best friend (and previous author on Saigonsays) for a weekend of “catching up”.

Last fortnight, and over the Chinese New Year period (called ‘Tet’ here) and I was side stepping down a sled run in France, propping up Flo as she skied solo for the first time in her life. And then this week, I’be been working across our closest border, in Phnom Penh.

Next Sunday I’ll fly to Ethiopia on an exciting new project. Bangkok, Hong Kong and Cairo are on the March itinerary also. Yesterday morning an offer landed on my lap to head to Timor Leste shortly after that. And so it goes on…

Too many details to catalogue since I was last peddling these pages (back in Vientiane in November) however the intention is that, hopefully, these two family videos (our Tet skiing holiday to France, and previous Australia visit back in October) might go a way to capturing some of the special experiences shared on both adventures. The photos below that then piece together December festivities and a window into life here since then, with two increasingly active little girls performing, as usual, for the camera.

Stay tuned for some more regular updates (a New Year’s resolution of mine) here and before you can say “where did the first half of 2016 go?”

Christmas elf
Christmas cheek
Christmas gingerbread making
Christmas Day


Dig in!
Four minute Cinderella panto
Robin Hood
Boxing Day treats
Boxing Day walk (in Vung Tau)
New Year’s Eve boys (Saigon)
New Year’s Day girls (Mui Ne)
The view from…our bungalow
Birthday girl (@ Park Hyatt)
With Cake (@Abu Dhabi)
Another year, another sports day
Tet celebrations
The view from…the de Groot balcony
Layered up
Catching the first powder and remembering how to ski again
Mont Blanc (on the left)
Sunrise back in Asia (Phnom Penh) this week.




One thought on “Catching a breath in February

  1. Jenny February 26, 2016 / 5:44 pm

    Hi Tim, Well – I just sat and smiled my way through your two videos, and also the still photos!
    You capture the moods wonderfully – thank you so much for sharing!
    Love to you all

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