Escape to the coast

We’ve been living in Vietnam now for 23 weeks, and tomorrow we head off on our first family holiday.  Over the next 6 days we’ll be far away from the city on a beach resort in Mui Ne, about 5 hours drive up on the coast.

We are looking forward to a change in scenery.  My readiness for a break away was confirmed earlier today when, after lunch out with friends, I suddenly panicked that I couldn’t see Flo in the huddle of children walking down the street,  “where’s Florence gone?” I asked to no one in particular, but in a slightly fretful tone, (which I now wish I’d internalised).  “She’s on your shoulders, Tim,” replied our friend.  Sure enough, I was clutching both Flo’s ankles at the time, and she had her hands resting on my head.

All the more embarrassing, these were the same friends who, when we first met them last month, asked Lou the name of her baby, to be met with stoney silence from Lou who’d decided to have a sudden memory loss, took a full two second pause, stared at me, and as I was starting to mouth the “M” of Martha, just managed to find the name herself, from a distant corner of her memory. Continue reading