Treat yourself – it’s Tuesday

Today, I’ve got man flu.

You may have your own Tuesday blues to contend with and, if you do, my advice to get through the day is to ensure you place something extra special in the middle of it to keep you focused.

For me, coffee sits high up on a perch of its own when it comes to treats (on man flu ridden days, or other). And, as has been mentioned many times on this blog before, Vietnam is not a bad place to access some of the tastiest coffees in the world.

Here’s how to make a traditional Vietnamese coffee (thanks to for the link) all set to some curious – but rather jolly – Thai background music.

Yes, that is all I can manage this morning in terms of a mid week narrative, but just trust me on the whole jolly Thai music vibe…

After that, washed down with some iced coffee from my local cafe, Tuesday and man flu doesn’t seem so bad after all.